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LiKee is a monitoring system for supervision of web applications and pages. It was developed by Edhouse company as a tool for automation of internal service processes of uptime-critical web applications, developed and maintained by Edhouse. Find more at Edhouse web site.

The task of LiKee (LIne KEEper) is monitoring of specified web pages and evaluation of their state and content by using defined regular expressions. The monitoring process runs in periodical time loop. Every pass tests all monitored pages. Anytime a connection fails or response from a web page doesn’t match given regular expression, the system notifies appropriate support technician by an email message or a phone call.

Monitoring result history can be reviewed in a log or summarized statistics.

The LiKee project was released to public under open source license. Installation, sources and documentation are available at Downloads section.

LiKee is built on J2EE technologies, using Spring Framework 2.5.2 and ORM technology Hibernate 3.3.0. LiKee runs on a web application server and it was tested on following open source servers:

  • Apache Tomcat 6.0.18; 5.5.26; 5.5.25
  • GlassFish 2.1-b60e
  • Jetty 6.1.14

LiKee uses a database for storage of configuration and monitoring logs. The distribution contains open source embedded database platform HSQL DB for simple and fast usage. MySQL is another supported database option.

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LiKee is an open-source project released by Edhouse s.r.o. company. The main purpose of this information system is monitoring of defined web pages and evaluation of their state and content by regular expressions.